Content Marketing


Use SEO driven content to not only drive search traffic and rankings but to also engage and influence your audience


What is content marketing? It refers to a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content in formats such as videos, photos, web banners etc., to attract targeted audiences – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action’. 

Your marketing content, which can include website copy, social media posts, videos or blog articles, is the most effective way of attracting customers to your website or social media platform. Through relevant content writing, you can educate your customers in Uganda about your product, build engagement and build brand authority that fosters more trust.

Research investigating the impact of educational content on customers shows that customers are 131% more likely to purchase from a brand immediately after reading its content. Similarly, up to 80% of customers find a brand “helpful” and “trustworthy” immediately after reading its content.

Our content marketing service in Uganda includes specific development of content to be published online in such formats as: social media (e.g., tweets, Facebook post), blog posts, website articles, white papers, eBooks, case studies, research reports, information guides, shared documents, Q+A pages, YouTube videos, photos, images, memes and infographics. 

As a marketing agency, we further use such content to strategically market your brand in Uganda and increase brand awareness, recognition, engagement, or just educate your visitors.


Blog Writing Services

Our expert content and blog writers in Uganda can write the high-quality, SEO optimized content your website needs to help drive brand awareness, online visibility and engagement.

We have more than 12 years of experience not just as researchers but also as content writers given our expertise in market research which involves a lot of reading and writing reports.

As the leading market research and marketing agency in Uganda and East Africa, we spend a lot of time writing research reports for clients. This has given us plenty time to develop and perfect not just our content writing skills, but also our blog writing, utilizing creative storytelling and mastery of the English language.

Our blog writing service in Uganda is intended to attract and bring customers to your website so that they engage with your product or service and find out more. Think of it this way: Your potential prospects have questions, so the blog posts we write for you should answer them.

Content marketing service in Uganda

                                                                                                              How can a digital marketing agency help with your blog content? 


At Researchtec, our content writing process is simple. Before we start the writing process for your blog post, we use our market research skills to first try and understand your industry, market trends, most searched keywords for your business type, your audience, industry experts and their perspectives. Our content writing team then deploys specialist content management software such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, and other SEO tools to lay the foundation for content that’s highly optimized for high search rankings.

So a typical Researchtec blog post often starts with data. Using current analytics about your business, competitor analysis and industry conversations, we proceed to review what is currently working in your industry, including what’s shown sustained results in the past. Our aim is to unearth searcher intent and work with you to scope out a long list of topics that we can then use as a basis for both current and future blog writing.

Our perspective on blog content is simple: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, we don’t write it.

But our content marketing services don’t just stop at blog writing. Our team of experienced blog writers in Uganda have adapted to all styles of writing and can easily move from creating a market research report, or white paper to creating an informational article or thought leadership piece on your behalf. 

It all depends on the needs of your business or marketing goals. Blogs usually follow opinion-based criteria and are shorter. On the other hand, article writing, can be more sophisticated, demanding data-driven research or even interviews with key business personnel — resulting in a long-form piece of content that helps you establish thought leadership in your industry.

The bottom line: Whether you are looking for a blog based on SEO keyword research or longtail and in-depth article, our team of Ugandan blog and article writers can handle it.

However, good content writing strategy just doesn’t stop with the creation of the content. Just as important as high-quality blog content on your website, is making sure your target audience is getting access to it – enter content promotion and distribution.

Its lovely to think that if we just duck our heads and produce the absolute best content we can possibly create, it will magically fly around the web on magic wings and find an audience. This is a lovely thought but it’s a pipe dream. The web is social. Always has been. Always will be. Its people who share content, people who talk up the best businesses, people who market the products worth talking about. But you have to reach them first via marketing. 

As the leading digital marketing agency in Kampala, Researchtec can help you find the most profitable channels on which your articles can be shared. As part of our content marketing service in Uganda, we can come up with the best avenues for your blog content be it email marketing, content syndication or organic//paid posts on social media.

The importance of hiring digital marketing professionals not just to write but also promote and distribute your blog or article content in Uganda, becomes a crucial factor if you or your team don’t have the time or inhouse expertise to implement content distribution effectively. Hiring a specialist digital marketing agency like Researchtec makes sense as we have a professional digital marketing team that includes writers, editors, graphic designers, researchers, videographers, social media experts etc. The team work together to make sure your content is found easily by the people who need it most, not just in Uganda but globally too.

A key query we get from some clients is whether our team of content writers in Uganda are able to cover complex topics specific to their industry of choice. Our answer? An unequivocal, YES! In fact, we’re known for producing high-quality content for a wide range of enterprises both in Uganda and globally.






Content marketing service in Uganda

Article Writing Services

Whether it’s a longform article designed to demonstrate subject matter expertise in your industry or a blog post based on keyword research for SEO purposes, our article writers based in Kampala specialise in this. Since most of our writers in Uganda have vast experience coming from a market and academic research background, they are extremely conversant with all forms of writing including guest post writing, article writing, blog post writing, technical writing, editorial copy, landing pages, copywriting, sales copy, etc.

As long-time leaders in the market research space, Researchtec eventually branched out into digital content marketing as an extension of our vast experience undertaking not just market research, and report writing for our clients but also our experience analysing client marketing strategy, which led us into the implementation of digital marketing plans on their behalf.

Over the years, we have steadily refined our digital marketing approach to produce fresh and original content that delivers commercial results.

Today, Researchtec digital marketing agency uses the latest in search engine optimisation (SEO) industry best practices as well as our background in data-driven research, to craft articles that are guaranteed to;
•    Increase your search rankings.
•    Boost your brand awareness.
•    Increase brand engagement.
•    Boost website traffic and keep visitors coming back.
•    Bring in qualified leads.
•    Support your digital marketing campaigns.


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