Search Engine Optimization


Are you ready to leverage content driven SEO campaigns crafted by Uganda’s leading SEO experts at Researchtec?


What is SEO? SEO is the practice of making a website attractive to a search engine such as Google by presenting its code and content in such a way that the search engine will rank it very high during searches by people. Most SEO is done on Google.

Why is SEO even important? Because search engines are the front door to the internet with over half of all traffic to websites coming from organic search. The rest comes from paid advertising and social media.

At the end of the day, what’s even the point of having a website if no one can find it? But making sure your website in Uganda is seen, can be a complex process. Google processes a lot of searches. With 5 billion internet users worldwide as of April 2022 (63% of the global population) making 3.5 billion searches daily on Google alone, the internet is extremely competitive. 
The problem is made more daunting when you consider the fact that up to 70% of consumers do not look beyond the first 3 search results on Google. In practice, beyond the first page of Google, no one will find you because over 90% of searchers do not look beyond Googles first page. And that’s a serious problem.

To get your website in the top 3 search results, let alone page 1 requires a strategy. A plan that shows where you are now and where you need to be. It’s why an SEO marketing company is a must in Uganda now, and where the benefit of using a full-service market research and marketing agency also comes into play.

Using our expertise in data-driven research, we will craft a content driven SEO strategy that tackles many facets of your company’s online presence, starting with an SEO friendly website. We then incorporate content marketing, making sure your website has fresh and up-to date website content. This includes frequent publishing of blogs, articles and press releases on your behalf to turn your company into a thought leader of your industry. We also use such content to build external links coming to your website as part of our off-page SEO optimization campaign to build high domain authority for your website.

Our social media marketing agency can also engage in publishing and sharing of social media content on your company behalf, all as part of a well planned and implemented SEO campaign. All these SEO services take time, which is why working with an experienced digital marketing agency in Uganda is vital. Researchtec is the leading digital marketing agency and SEO marketing partner of choice for businesses in Uganda.

Our SEO process includes;


Off-Page SEO

SEO comes in many forms, all designed to obtain high search results. 

  • We know that search engines love content. Which is why our off-page SEO service incorporate creating and developing original content such as articles, images, videos about your brand, products, or services, and using such content to help attract visitors and website links.
  • To rank your website in the top 3 Google search results, our professional SEO experts deploy an external backlink building strategy, to try and get as many external links as possible from high DA websites. This is achieved through a combination of guest posting and blogger outreach, social media posting, news article media submissions, reciprocal linking, joining trade associations, directory listings, forum posting, PR distribution sites, backlinking between our partner sites in Uganda. etc.,
  • Our SEO service also includes business listings on Google Business, and trade directories such as Yellow Pages, forums across Uganda etc..


SEO service by Researchtec digital marketing agency

On-Page SEO

This is what we do on your website to make it SEO friendly and rank higher;

•    We optimize your website to increase site speed and performance for higher SERP rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can include optimizing styles and scripts, meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, 301/404 errors, Java, CSS, html code, website images, caching, CDN Integration etc.
•    Optimize your website for the right keywords, and density for keyword ranking of all the core keywords your website needs to be ranked on.
•    Undertake internal link structuring within your website to help with high rankings on Google.


Keyword Research

What is keyword research? At its simplest, it is the process of finding all the relevant words, sentences and search phrases that users use to search for content, services, or products on Google and other major search engines like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc., Every time someone searches for something on Google, they are entering search phrases, which are referred to as keywords. It is what search engines use to find websites, including yours. In essence, keyword research involves finding what keywords people look up the most.

Why is keyword research important? It is how your website shows up in search results. By delving into your marketplace and exploring all the relevant keywords your customers are likely to use in search queries, we can help you come up with content that will attract not just qualified visitors to your website but also build high traffic. At Researchtec, our SEO specialists will delve into your marketplace & pinpoint the keywords your customers use in search queries. This ensures your content will attract qualified visitors as well as build high traffic.


SEO service by Researchtec digital marketing agency

Indepth Competitive Analysis

Using our expertise in market research and data analysis, we systematically gather and collect market data and information about your competitors digital marketing campaigns, examining their SEO work in order to help build your digital marketing strategy that competes. 

We analyse your industry context, buyer persona, target markets, and entire customer profile. We present all findings in a single digital marketing plan so that you’ll know exactly where your business in Uganda stands compared to your competitors, and where you need to be, followed by implementation.

Market intelligence is a critical component for any strategic venture. If you don’t plan, you are simply planning to fail.

With this in mind, we’ll show you which digital marketing strategies work & which don’t. We’ll show you your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, their content strategy, or their social media strategy, with the aim of helping you acquire and preserve search ranking.