Researchtec is a market research, business development, IT solutions and digital marketing company based in Uganda. Our mission is to support and empower businesses for success through the provision of digital solutions, market research, and insights that transform.

Part of the reason why so many businesses fail, not just in Uganda, but across Africa, is because they lack solid data, information and robust insights on local markets, competitors and customers. Knowledge is power. Information is the new gold. Without robust data on the size of the market you want to serve, for instance, you cannot make a safe investment decision. 

Of the top 20 official reasons why new business ventures fail, at number 1 is - NO MARKET NEED. Not even passion or incredible marketing can rescue a business started without first understanding if there is a market need for its product or service. To avoid joining the failure list, first, understand your market! 

And it all starts with market research. Insights, data and information, about everything concerning your competitors, market, or customers. From who they are, to what they buy from your competition, and their entire demographic profile (class, age, status, income, preferences etc.). Our market researchers process this raw data to create insights, robust information and vital knowledge about everything regarding your customer! 

Good businesses perish for lack of this knowledge. Mostly because they don't want to pay or don't see any value in paying for this knowledge. But knowledge comes at a cost, one you cannot afford to skip when your competitors will use it and are using it. Trust us.

More importantly, you are getting us, the A team. We work with some of the biggest companies in the world and have 1,000s of portfolio samples to back this up. If you want to see some of our past client market research work, feel free to drop us an email or come by our office.