Carrying out in-depth market research both offline and online regarding everything about your current or potential customers using both primary and secondary research methodologies such as questionnaire surveys, interviews, web research etc. Our market research reports come with a business advisory and strategy development consultancy service.

Consumer consumption analysis

Helping businesses with market sizing and trend analysis on what consumers are actually spending on. Knowing the trends will help you to narrow your focus especially when launching a new product or service. Our trend analysis reports come with a business advisory and strategy development consultancy service.

Industry trend analysis

Helping businesses with external and internal business environment analysis and industry studies using well-known strategy frameworks including Pestle, Ansoff’s, Swot, BCG, Porters Five Forces and countless others

Policy research

We conduct high quality research to generate relevant data, insights and evidence that aids policymakers and leaders in both government and non-government institutions to make decisions. We understand that any policy that will impact lots of stakeholders and audiences has to be grounded in real life insights from real people if it is to have any meaningful impact.

Desktop research services

Includes analysis of secondary data, archival research, web research and other desktop based research.

Field research & data collection

Conducting feasibility studies and field assessments in different industries across Uganda using primary research methodologies such as interviews, questionnaire surveys, panels, opinion polls and various quantitative as well as qualitative methodologies

Methodological & analytical services

Questionnaire design, survey design, data collection, data analysis, pilot schemes and report writing